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File #: 21-2222    Version: 1 Name:
Type: Action Item Status: Passed
File created: 4/6/2021 In control: Town Council Meeting
On agenda: 4/26/2021 Final action: 4/26/2021
Title: Public Hearing to receive input on the Maud Robinson Sidewalk Project
Attachments: 1. PAC Recommendation, 2. Regulatory Requirements, 3. TABLE OF CONTENTS- ROBINSON SIDEWALK PROGRAM EXHIBITS, 4. 1A-Project Locations- SE Quad, 5. 1B-Project Locations- SW Quad, 6. 1C-Project Locations- NE and NW Quads, 7. 2- Questionnaire- Sample, 8. 3- Map of Results To Questionnaire- Color Coded, 9. 4- Spreadsheet Data of Questionnaire Results, 10. 5- Tabulation of Comments Received On Questionnaire, 11. 7- Petitions Received, 12. 8- Open House Meetings, Invitations, and Minutes, 13. 9- Potential Projects Exhibit- April 2021, 14. Projects - Status at a Glance with costs



Public Hearing to receive input on the Maud Robinson Sidewalk Project




Former Councilmember Maud Robinson, who passed away in March of 2019 just shy of her 97th birthday, left the bulk of her estate to the Town of Vienna for the specific purpose of building sidewalks, over a five-year period, in areas where they aren’t already planned or likely to be funded through grants or new construction.


The Town of Vienna is identifying streets, where curb and gutter already exists, on which sidewalks may be installed. The potential streets to be considered are below with staff recommendations for locations (cost estimates listed below are design only):


                     Even side of Alma Street SE from Delano Drive SE to Follin Lane SE- $60,000

                     Odd side of Birch Street SW from Battle Street SW to Plum Street SW- $70,000

                     Even side of Blackstone Terrace NW from Lawyers Road NW to Holmes Drive NW- $40,000

                     Odd side of Charles Street SE from Locust Street SE to Branch Road SE- $25,000

                     Both sides of Cherry Circle SW from Cul-de-sac to Cottage St SW- $30,000

                     West side of Elmar Drive SE/SW from Park Street SE to Desale Street SW- $60,000

                     Odd side of Oak Street SW from Center Street S to Birch Street SW- $70,000

                     Both sides of Symphony Circle SW from Cul-de-sac to Melody Lane SW- $65,000

                     Odd side of Timber Lane SW from Tapawingo Road SW to Harmony Drive SW- $50,000


Citizens were provided with questionnaires asking if they supported a sidewalk on their side of the street. The results are shown in the attached file called Robinson Sidewalk Program Exhibits.pdf as well as all email and other feedback the Town has received from citizens.   Additionally, two open house style meetings were held for each project between February 16, 2021 and March 4, 2021.  These meetings allowed citizens to express any concerns, ask questions, and receive additional information for these sidewalk projects. As demonstrated in the feedback and survey results, there is a mixture of support and non-support on various streets. Among concerns raised from citizens who do not support sidewalks, the most common include:


-                     Trees that could be affected

-                     The sidewalk is too disruptive to yards, too close to the houses

-                     Not necessary - people use the streets safely

-                     Driveways are already short; adding sidewalk would take away room for parking on the driveway

-                     Residents would feel newly obligated to maintain around the sidewalk (grass trimming, shoveling snow)


In an attached memo to Council dated March 30, 2021 form the Pedestrian Advisory Committee (PAC), the PAC provides a strong endorsement and recommendation to approve sidewalk projects.


In creating its recommendations, staff considered carefully all feedback received as well as the benefits and safety improvements provided by sidewalks. These projects will expand the network of sidewalks in Vienna; thereby, creating more safe opportunities for residents to reach more destinations throughout the Town.  Staff considered the following Town’s guiding documents as well:

o                     Town Council’s Strategic Plan initiative for a safe and efficiently mobile community.

o                     Pedestrian Master Plan that is designed to help achieve the Town’s vision for an integrated network of pedestrian routes.

o                     Comprehensive Plan, Transportation Chapter, Pedestrian Mobility section - Improve pedestrian network throughout Town by connecting and expanding the existing sidewalk network. 


Staff’s professional recommendation is that Council approve sidewalks on the sides of the streets listed above. Staff is committed to ensuring that designs will be practical yet creative and flexible to mitigate and address as many of residents’ concerns as possible. 


Property owners and residents along the above streets were notified of this meeting via a letter dated April 9, 2021.


Should Council choose to initiate sidewalk projects for any or all of the above streets, then staff will continue with further community engagement and procure professional engineering services for the design of construction drawings and documents. At its February 24, 2020 meeting, Council approved up to $500,000 for engineering services for Robinson sidewalk projects, utilizing RFP 19-01 On-call Engineering Services. Approximately $150, 000 has been spent on previously approved projects resulting in a remaining balance of $350,000.  If Council chooses to initiate design of all of the listed projects, DPW recommends that the Council authorize an increase to the amount previously established for design services.  The estimated total cost to design all of the projects listed in this report amounts to $470,000 which exceeds the remaining balance of $350,000.  DPW recommends that Council authorize an increase of $250,000 for additional engineering services utilizing RFP 19-01 On-call Engineering Services.


Strategic Plan Initiative: Vienna is a safe community and an efficiently mobile community


Departmental Recommendation:  Recommend approval.


Finance Recommendation:  Recommend approval.                     


Purchasing Recommendation:  Recommend approval


Town Attorney Recommendation:  The Town Council may approve the proposed sidewalk project designs in its discretion.


Town Manager's Recommendation:  I recommend the Town Council authorize the Town Manager to apply to the Maud Robinson Trust for design of sidewalk projects on the streets determined by the Town Council in this meeting.


Cost and Financing:  $470,000

Account Number:  300-000-0000-39445-48801 and 48803

Decision Needed by This date: April 26, 2021



Recommended Action

“I move to close the public hearing.”




"I move to authorize the Town Manager to apply to the Maud Robinson Trust for design of sidewalk projects on the following streets:  (identify streets here), and I move to increase the funding of design services for the Robinson Trust projects under RFP- 19-01 by $250,000.”



Other action deemed necessary by Council.