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File #: 22-3286    Version: 1 Name:
Type: Action Item Status: Passed
File created: 7/22/2022 In control: Town Council Meeting
On agenda: 8/29/2022 Final action: 8/29/2022
Title: Steeple and Roof Project on the Annex property located at 301 Center Street South
Attachments: 1. 1. Regulatory Requirements for Agenda Items- Annex Roof and Steeple - 8.29.22, 2. 2. Annex Roof and Steeple Diagram



Steeple and Roof Project on the Annex property located at 301 Center Street South




The Town of Vienna has acquired the Faith Baptist Church building located at 301 Center Street South, in Vienna (referred to as the Annex).  Whitman, Requardt & Associates, LLP (WRA) conducted a study to provide the Town with the basic architectural building code requirements that will be necessary to obtain a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for desired public uses once the building is no longer used as the temporary police station.  The study identified several areas of necessary improvement or replacement for the existing building to be code compliant.  The WRA study also identified that the Annex has several issues with the roof.  The flat roof and shingled portions of the building have several issues with leaks. 

At the March 28 Council meeting, Council expressed concern based on the WRA study that the renovation investment for the short-term use of the Annex was too high, a permanent use for the Annex had not been determined, public engagement for permanent use had not occurred, concern that the current CIP debt will push permanent use project out too far to satisfy the community and that the short-term use may influence long term decisions. 

As a result of Council’s concern on March 28, Council approved the request for the Long-Term Use and Community Needs Assessment at the June 13, 2022, Council conference session.  This study will be used as a basis for discussion and decision- making for how to best utilize the Annex property for future projects and developments.  In the meanwhile, staff was directed to maintain the Annex property, so it does not fall into disrepair.  Roof leaks were identified in the WRA study and staff has been handling several issues with the leaks.  The following information breaks down the various portions of the roof to repair along with Council’s request for a cost estimate to remove the steeple.  The flat roof is the most pressing, current issue.  Please note that the roof also includes portions that are sloped asphalt.

A)                     Staff has determined the flat-roof portions of the building need to be replaced immediately to ensure the Annex does not incur further damage and deterioration due to leaks.  In addition to replacing the flat roofing system, the Town will need to remove and re-install the roof top HVAC units so that the vendor can properly install the TPO membrane system that will cover the roof.  Staff received additional information regarding the flat roof replacement; one of the vendors mentioned that his company would not be able to guarantee the work near the sanctuary.  The explanation was that the TPO membrane system is required to extend up the wall 4 to 5 inches.  Under the sanctuary roof overhang are several windows looking into the sanctuary.  These windows would need to be altered or removed to allow the vertical extension of the TPO membrane system.  This would be the responsibility of the Town.

Replace entire flat-roof system, alter/remove windows, remove and re-install roof top HVAC units:

                     Cost to replace entire flat roof system:                                                                                    $122,000 - $228,400

                     Cost to remove and replace roof top

units for replacement on flat roof:                                                                                                         $80,000

                     Cost to remove windows (sanctuary):                                                                                    $10,000

Total Cost:  $212,000 - $318,400


B)                     Council advised staff to obtain pricing to remove the steeple.  The steeple is located on the shingled portion of the roof.  This option does not fix the existing leak issue.

Remove steeple and repair the shingle section of the steeple removal on the roof:

Total Cost:                     $7,200 - $15,000


C)                     Council may consider replacing the entire roofing system to include the:

                     flat roof (alter/remove windows, remove and replace

roof top units)                                                                                                                                                    $212,000 -  $318,400

                     remove the steeple                                                                                                                                 $7,200 - $15,000

                     replace entire asphalt shingle roofing system                                                                $74,000 - $110,000

Replace the entire roofing system and steeple:

Total Cost:                     $293,200 - $443,400


Once staff receives the recommended path forward, the project will come back before Council to approve the appropriation if it is over $30,000.

Strategic Plan Initiative: Vienna as a fiscally responsible community.


Board or Commission of Interest: N/A


Departmental Recommendation:  Staff is looking for direction from Council regarding Annex repair priorities and spending. 


Finance Recommendation:  Finance department advises that there are enough funds already borrowed for the Annex property to cover most of alternative C, and the remainder can be financed with capital funds.  Finance recommends Council provide the repair option of their choice.


Purchasing Recommendation:  Approved.


Town Attorney Recommendation:  The Town may authorize the Director of Planning and Zoning to obtain bids for all or part of the proposed 301 Center Street South property repairs in its discretion.


Town Manager's Recommendation:  I recommend the Town Council direct staff to proceed with Option C, as presented.


Cost and Financing: N/A

Account Number:  N/A

Decision Needed by This date:  Aug. 29, 2022



Recommended Action

"I move to direct staff to proceed with Option A above, to replace the flat portion of the roof only"



“I move to direct staff to proceed with Option B above, to remove the steeple only”



“I move to direct staff to proceed with Option C above, to fix the entire roof and remove the steeple”,


Other action deemed necessary by Council.