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File created: 9/22/2021 In control: Town Council Meeting
On agenda: 10/11/2021 Final action: 10/11/2021
Title: Consideration to Initiate Final Design of Robinson Sidewalk Projects
Attachments: 1. Regulatory Requirements for Agenda Items Rev 081519 (002), 2. Urban Renewal_19-01, 3. 1. Alma St Engineering Report, 4. 2. Blackstone Ter Engineering Report, 5. 3. Charles St Engineering Report, 6. 4. Symphony Cir Engineering Report, 7. 5. Public Meeting By DPW and Minutes, 8. 6. Email Comments, 9. 7. Petition From Even Side Addresses of Alma, 10. 8. Notification of Council Meeting, 11. Proposal - Alma St SE 21-587.R1, 12. Proposal - Blackstone Terrace NW 21-589.R1, 13. Proposal - Charles St SE 21-590.R1, 14. Proposal - Symphony Cir SW 21-588.R1, 15. 610 Delano- Loss of Parking in Dwy- Matt Sanders



Consideration to Initiate Final Design of Robinson Sidewalk Projects




Former Councilmember Maud Robinson, who passed away in March 2019 just shy of her 97th birthday, left the bulk of her estate to the Town of Vienna for the specific purpose of building sidewalks, over a five-year period, in areas where they aren’t already planned or likely to be funded through grants or new construction.


At the April 26, 2021 Town Council Meeting, the Council authorized the Department of Public Works (DPW) to utilize its On-Call Engineering Services Contract, RFP 10-01 with Urban Ltd. to perform a field survey and preliminary engineering for nine Robinson Trust sidewalk projects.   The Council authorized $470,000 of funding from the Maud Robinson Trust to be used for the design of the projects.  The $470,000 would be sufficient for preliminary engineering, and final engineering design of the nine projects.


During the agenda item discussion, Council requested DPW to prepare an evaluation of pros and cons to building a sidewalk on one side of the street versus the other side of the street for each of the potential sidewalk projects. These engineering reports include a concept design plan for each side of the street and an analysis of each of the two concepts. Factors to be considered for sidewalk recommendations on one street side or the other include more favorable support from property owners, less impact on trees, less grading on private property, no constructability issues such as utility poles that cannot be designed around, connectivity to adjacent sidewalks, trails, schools, parks, shopping areas or other destinations, and cost.  The engineering reports for the four projects are included as attachments to this report.


Based upon the report recommendations, DPW requests that the Council authorize DPW to utilize its On-Call Engineering Services Contract, RFP 19-01 with Urban Ltd, to perform final engineering design for the following projects.


                     Even side of Alma Street SE from Delano Drive SE to Follin Lane SE- $38,050

                     Even side of Blackstone Terrace NW from Lawyers Road NW to Holmes Drive NW- $25,300

                     Odd side of Charles Street SE from Locust Street SE to Branch Road SE- $19,300


                     Odd side of Symphony Circle SW from Cul-de-sac to Melody Lane SW- $19,050


DPW hosted a public meeting for each project and gave a detailed presentation of the engineering report.  The meetings for Charles St SE and for Blackstone Terrace NW were held on Aug. 16, 2021.  The meetings for Alma St SE and for Symphony Circle SW were held on Aug. 18, 2021.


Approximately five property owners attended the Alma Street meeting.  Four owners were from the even side addresses and one owner was from the odd side addresses.  The even side address owners were opposed to the project recommendation to construct sidewalk on their side of the street.  One owner provided a poll or “Sidewalk Location Preference Vote” where residents were asked to vote their preference to a sidewalk location on the “Even Side”, “Odd Side”, or “No Preference”.  The poll was offered to the even side residents only.  The resulting poll had 9 of 12 properties on the even side voting for the odd side sidewalk preference (three of the 12 addresses were either not home or were rental properties where no response was obtained).  A copy of the “Sidewalk Location Preference Vote” is included in the supporting documents of this report.  Additionally, the citizens had concerns regarding the cut-through traffic to and from the Navy Federal Credit Union.  Staff advised them to contact the Transportation Safety Commission and provided contact information.


The meetings for the three other projects were very sparsely attended.  There were no attendees at the Charles Street meeting, and one each at the Blackstone Terrace and the Symphony Circle meetings.  The Blackstone Terrace owner opposed the project recommendation for sidewalk on their side and requested that the sidewalk width be reduced to a minimum so that the existing planters and plantings in the right-of-way be preserved as much as possible.  Staff indicated that the specific grading impacts can be addressed during final design.  Two property owners were unable to attend the meeting but sent their support of the report recommendation by email.  The owner attending the Symphony Circle meeting was from the opposite side of the street where the sidewalk was recommended and agreed with the recommendation in the report.


Property owners and residents along the above streets were notified of this meeting via a letter dated Sept. 23, 2021.


Should Council choose to initiate final design for any or all of the above streets, then staff will continue with further community engagement and procure professional engineering services for the design of construction drawings and documents. At its Feb. 24, 2020 meeting, Council approved up to $500,000 for engineering services for Robinson sidewalk projects, utilizing RFP 19-01 On-call Engineering Services. Additionally, at its April 26, 2021 meeting, Council authorized an increase of $250,000 for additional engineering services utilizing RFP 19-01 On-call Engineering Services.


Strategic Plan Initiative: Vienna is a safe community and an efficiently mobile community


Departmental Recommendation:  Recommend approval.


Finance Recommendation: Recommend approval                      


Purchasing Recommendation: Recommend approval


Town Attorney Recommendation:  The Town Council may authorize the preparation of the engineering and design of the proposed sidewalks in its discretion.


Town Manager's Recommendation:  I recommend the Town Council authorize the final design of sidewalk projects on the streets listed above utilizing IFB-19-01, as presented.


Cost and Financing:  $101,700.00

Account Number:  300-000-0000-39445-48801 / Project Acct# TBD

Decision Needed by This date: Oct. 11, 2021



Recommended Action

"I move to authorize the final design of sidewalk projects on the streets listed above utilizing IFB-19-01.”



Other action deemed necessary by Council.